Alicia Zenobia


First I had passion, then I got skills. Now I'm a fashion champ.

I've rocked RISD and FIT, conquered (and abandoned) 7th avenue, collaborated with the best of Brooklyn and now I've even started my own little line of clothing.

Autonomous Clothing Company was created to feed the starving fashion lusts of people in the underground: Street Urchins, Vampire Vagabonds, Meaty Metalheads, Heart-Shaped Harlots, Dirty Gypsies, Tattooed Ladies, Mustachioed Men, Gutter Punks, Psycho-billies and boobies, Fierce Lezbos, Killer Queens, Snake Charmers, Sad Little Boys and Girls, Happy Big Ladies and Gents, Bisensual Electrofreaks and Urban Cowboys are all invited to peruse and abuse my goods.You know who you are. We know who you are.